The Second CD...
You Have No Idea!

You Have No Idea! CD
Released: April 7, 2006

The sophomore CD from What The...?! Read more about it, hear even more samples and order yours today at Not Lame or CD Baby!

"Delivering on the promise on their self-titled debut, the oddly named What The...? nail it on their second album, You Have No Idea! Like the debut they pull off a cool, unusual and fascinating mix of pub rock, British Invasion garage pop and power pop from the last three decades. Bottom Line: A glorious high energy train wreck of rock`n`roll/power pop in the grand tradition of the 60`s through 80`s British Invasion, with some good old American roots rock thrown in. Truly a sound of their own that blends The Kinks, Creedence Clearwater Revival, NRBQ, Nick Lowe/Rockpile/Dave Edmunds and Ronnie Hawkins - it`s all very, very cool and heady does of unbridled enthusiam for playing the refreshing music they hear in their heads." — Not Lame

Credits Track Listing (click highlighted selections to hear MP3's)
Recording Engineer: Lee Flier
Mastering: Bob Olhsson
Cover Art: Lynn "Guitar Geezer" Garretson
Photography: Shari Beshers – Alpha Studios
Logo Design: Scott Rogers
  1. Theme From What The...?
  2. Listen To Me
  3. Ball Is In Your Court
  4. Blindsided
  5. Nobody Said A Word
  1. I'm So Glad
  2. I Don't Wanna Talk To You
  3. Everything Is Fine
  4. Better Him Than Me
  5. Nothing Left to Dream
  6. Theme From What The...? (reprise)
With special guests:
Joey Huffman — Piano, Hammond Organ, Mellotron
Bob Lewis — Trumpet, Trombone
L.A. Tuten — Tuba
Laurent Oget — Saxophone

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