L-R: Guitarist Lee Flier, Bassist Lyle Bufkin, Drummer Eskil Wetterqvist
Photo: Stephanie Richardson

From the garage to virtual reality to around the globe, What The...? is the epitome of rock at its most raw and exciting. Spanning the length and breadth of rock'n'roll, you'll hear the unmistakable influences of classic Brit Invasion to roots-rock/rockabilly to finely crafted power pop to practically punk! Their infectious combination of raw rock power, melodic songcraft, and loads of harmonies reverberates forward and backward through time, giving you a glimpse into rock's past, present, and future.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia (a hotbed for unique bands and songwriters), What The...? is a classic three-piece rock band comprised of Lyle Bufkin (bass, vocals), Lee Flier (guitar, more vocals), and Eskil Wetterqvist (drums, even more vocals). Right from their start in 2001, they began developing a loyal following in the southeastern USA by sticking to the music that they loved without making compromises to blend in with the popular sound of the moment. From the beginning, they chose to not make the concessions required to sign with major labels, and have remained fiercely independent ever since. But even without the backing of a corporate conglomerate, What The...? has seen an extraordinary level of success as an indie band. They've released two well-received CDs of strong original music (while currently at work on a third), and have toured across the United States and into Europe, performing showcases at well-known venues and music festivals from Los Angeles to New York. What The...? has performed for Little Steven's Underground Garage, and has twice taken the stage at Liverpool's famous Cavern Club, where the Beatles got their start. Their great performances have also landed the band endorsements from such renowned companies as Bose Corp. and Heil Sound.

In addition to spreading their sound around the world through traditional physical means, in 2007 What The...? began interacting with a global audience in an exciting new way, performing live music in the Internet-based virtual world called Second Life. This has allowed them to grab enthusiastic new fans from locales around the world, from Australia to Asia to South America and more.

At any given What The...? show, it's not uncommon to hear an audience member remark that the band looks to be enjoying themselves as much as their audience. Perhaps there's a reason for that. "We don't sit around and wait for anyone to hand us our dreams," says guitarist Lee Flier. "We just make them happen ourselves. It may not be on some grand scale, but we've been able to do most of the cool things we've set out to accomplish, we have a lot of fun doing it and our audiences appreciate that."

Beginning in the summer of 2010, What The...? has been touring the Southeast backing renowned singer-songwriter and 3-time Grammy nominee Peter Case. It's a perfect pairing, given that as Case says, "We're from the same musical family." Audiences and band members alike have been thrilled with the results.

There's never any real downtime for this hard working band. When not roaming the globe (physically or virtually) doing live shows, they can usually be found writing and recording new material. Look for their new release, Lost In This World, to be announced very soon!

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