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What The...? CD
Released: June 27, 2003

"What The...? is an extremely talented trio that truly sounds as if they are having a blast rocking out... their oomph and enthusiasm never falters from track one on. Listening to this CD would make anyone want to rush out and check them out at the nearest club...Most of the songs are fast and furious, and contain superior melodies that leap out at you." —

"Jaw dropping fervor and intensity... witty, crafty songwriting skills... charming, intelligent use of harmony... their musical dexterity and instrumental prowess adds greater listening pleasure, as they perform with uncanny sense of dynamics, creating ebb and flow. Their perky, catchy songs soar to a climax upon end, setting up the listener with flavorful, adventurous track after track." — Southeast Performer

"Playing rock'n'roll the way it was meant to be played has become a rarity. Atlanta's rockin' trio What The...? is a refreshing change from what passes for rock music these days." — Town Talk, Alexandria, Louisiana

"Jangly stuff with a heavy Who/Kinks/Troggs influence. In fact, you could easily mistake this as a lost recording from some previously unknown 60's blues revival British Invasion band." — Degenerate Press, Atlanta, Georgia

Credits Track Listing (click highlighted selections to hear MP3's)
Recording Engineer: Lee Flier
Mastering: Brad Blackwood – Euphonic Masters
Cover Art: Christo Harris
Photography: Shari Beshers – Alpha Studios
Logo Design: Scott Rogers
Kenny Howes – Piano on "Number One"
  1. I Can Feel It In My Bones
  2. This Romance Has Ended
  3. Juiced Again
  4. 7 Women (A Guy Can Dream)
  5. Only One For Me
  6. Innocence Found!
  1. Normal Guy
  2. Let Me Stay In This World
  3. Number One
  4. Feast Or Famine
  5. For Love Or Money
  6. Let's Go Driving

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